PHOTOS: A trip around the world via dance and music


Junior Mina Arnold (center) and the rest of BSU performing a dance on May 25 at Multicultural Night in the Carol Channing Theater.

All photos by Susan Wong

O n May 25, members of Black Student Union (BSU), Fil-Am and Poly Club performed in the Carol Channing theater. They showcased dances and songs from all over the world, representing multiple cultures.

Members of the Fil-Am club sing “She Was Mine” by AJ Rafael.
Freshman Kwynsky Miguel from Poly Club dances in the “Moana” medley.
Seniors Melissa Herzstein and Jonas James Pardillo perform a duet from “On The Wings of Love” by Jeffrey Osborne.
Fil-Am club performs “Tiniklin,” a traditional Filipino folk dance.
Left: Sophomore Suria Pelesuma performs a Polynesian dance. Right: Senior Matthew Fiamalua performs a taualuga, a traditional Samoan dance, while the rest of the Poly Club members sing. The money is thrown as a celebration of the finale.
BSU members perform a step routine.
Left: Cassandra Eugenio sings a solo while Fil-Am members snap in the background. Right: Almarie-Rose Mata from Polynesian club dances a Hula Lolo.