The Lowell is published every four weeks by the journalism classes of Lowell High School, Room S108, 1101 Eucalyptus Drive, San Francisco, CA 94132, phone: (415) 759-2730 x3718. All stories and photographs copyright Lowell High School journalism classes. All rights reserved. See Contact The Lowell for email contact information.

The Lowell and The Lowell on the Web strive to inform the public and to use their opinion sections as open forums for debate. All unsigned editorials are the opinions of the staff.





Elijah Alperin • Deidre Foley • Henry Hammel • Cooper Logan


News Elijah Alperin, Deidre Foley, Cooper Logan, Michelle Wong
Sports Henry Hammel, Ian James, Andrew Pearce, Sam Tick-Raker
Features Kai Matsumoto-Hines
Columns & Profiles Elena Bernick, KT Kelly
Opinion Elazar Chertow, Spencer Thirtyacre, Samantha Wilcox
Reporters Natalia Arguello-Inglis, Elena Bernick, Luciano Chan, Madelyn Chen, Crystal Chung, Gabby Dolgonos, Danielle Flores, Campbell Gee, Luke Haubenstock, Joseph Kim, Gisela Kottmeier, Cynthia Leung, Jeffrey Li, Whitney C. Lim, Amber Ly, Patricia Nguy, Andrew Pearce, Tyler Perkins, Arthur Register, Noreen Shaikh, Pasha Stone, Emily Teng, Sam Tick-Raker, Samantha Wilcox, Luming Yuan
Art Editor Monica Lee
Illustrators Camilia Kacimi, Kimberly Li, Chrsitine Van, Stephan Xie
Photo Editor Huimin Zhang
Photographers Luciano Chan, Sally Ma, Cate Stern
Social Media Manager Michelle Wong
Business Managers Martin Costa, Carissa Ng, Gabe Schumm


The Lowell On the Web

Web Content Editor
 Elijah Alperin

Web Staff
Henry Hammel, Sam Tick-Raker

Multimedia Editors
Monica Castro, Luciano Chan

Gavin Li

Lael Bajet & Samantha Yu

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