Dear Patriarchy: Don’t tell me to wear a bra
EDITORIAL: Time to spruce things up with Lowell’s green policy
In an eco-minded city like San Francisco, Lowell and other San Francisco Unified School District schools have a responsibility to set an example as public institutions educating the city’s youth about the environment and their roles in supporting it.
PBS news comes to Lowell to investigate diversity at elite public high schools
PBS NewsHour came to the school today to investigate a story on diversity problems at elite public high schools around the nation.
TOP BOTS: CardinalBotics finds success at national robotics competition
Team 4159 CardinalBotics placed 41 out of 75 teams in their division, Galileo, at the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition Championships in St. Louis, Missouri, from April 27-30.
Vars boys’ tennis serve up another victory against the Westmoor Rams
With dedication and no mercy, the boys’ tennis team maintain its winning streak, defeating the Westmoor Rams 5-0 on April 15.
Take a ‘bridge year’ — alumna describes the perks of her year in India before college
Fall semester. Senior year. The season of college applications, all-nighters, and cramming before the SAT. The competition was unbearable and the pressure from my family was crushing.
New Japanese teacher shares Japanese-pancake flipping dilemmas and more
New teacher David Averbach talks to reporter Giping Huang about teaching Japanese at Lowell.

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dowaliby-leooz_20160525_2016 winners edit (1)

May 25, 2016

Parli debate wins state champs, senior president leaves on high note

Jennifer Zhang contributed to this article. This year, one Lowell Parliamentary debate team won the annual California Speech Association state tournament at Mission College in Santa Clara from April 15-17. The team was comprised of...

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JV boys baseball CHAMPS 2016_20160429_IMG_3954

May 25, 2016

JV baseball claims its fifth AAA championship title

The JV baseball team continues to show its dominance as the best up-and-coming young baseball team with its fifth consecutive victory in the Academic Athletic Association championship. The Cardinals prevailed 12-2 against the Balboa...

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May 13, 2016

I’m here and I’m queer but I’m more than some label

I picked up my first Harry Potter book in kindergarten, enraptured by the young wizard and his cupboard under the stairs. Naturally, the only appropriate place to read a tale like that is in a cupboard under the stairs, but as my home...

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Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.56.14 AM

May 24, 2016

TO THE EDITOR: Former student encourages better mental health support at Lowell

Dear Editor, Let me preface by saying that I transferred out of Lowell last October due to mental illness. For those of you that are curious, yes it’s depression. I thought it would be nice to share some insight about what it feels...

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