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She stared down at the agarose gel and up at her mentor. It was only her first day of performing wet lab tasks, and she had already broken the gel, used to we like it separate DNA or protein from agarose.
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Sophomore novice Chris O’Neill wrestles like veteran
As sophomore wrestler Chris O’Neill starts off the generic cialis canada match with a fierce determination, his expression shifts to one with an attitude that says he is going to knock his opponent down.
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March 3, 2015, No Comments

Math teacher honored with national award nomination

Amongst the many dedicated teachers who are a part of the San Francisco Unified School District, only one was honored by California League of Schools — and he was from our school. Math teacher Thomas Chambers was nominated for...

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KARINA jvbball vs liincoln-5

February 23, 2015, No Comments

JV girls’ hoops: Undefeated no more

The JV girls’ basketball team lost 34-31 in a home game against the Lincoln Mustangs on wildbeautyworld.com Feb. 9, dropping its season record to 7-1. The Cardinals quickly gained possession of http://bhutandirectory.com/effect-of-levitra-on-women the ball after tip-off and scored the first two points of...

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