The Lowell’s Top 10 Stories of the Year
This past school year, The Lowell has made many big changes, and the editors had a hard time selecting our top 10 stories, but our choices were based on the story’s impact on the school community and on the number of the story’s page views online.
How this student movie director makes award-winning films
“Sound speed?” A crew member checks to make sure that the sound works. “Speeding.” “Camera speed?” The cameraperson glances at the camera. It’s rolling. “Speeding.”
Girls’ soccer carries on four-year reign as AAA champs
Varsity girls’ soccer wrapped up the season on May 9 against the Washington Eagles with a fourth consecutive championship, continuing an unparalleled streak.
Baby chicks charm AP Environmental Science students
Whether you’ve seen them on ordering viagra online Snapchat or heard their incessant chirping from the math wing, you may have noticed how big an impression the new chicks have made on the school.
Underfunded Hebrew class prepares to we like it say ‘shalom’
The sound of students in a heated discussion resonates from a classroom, and as you approach the follow link door, snippets of a conversion in a melodious language become clear.

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August 28, 2015

Summer security update: 12 iMac computers missing, over 100 surveillance cameras installed

An art teacher returned from summer break to find that 12 iMac computers were missing from the photography room, according to dean Ivan Yee. Architecture and photography teacher Julian Pollak discovered the missing computers on Aug....

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May 29, 2015

Six is sweet. Boys’ golf lifts another trophy

The varsity boys’ golf team clinched the All-City Championship for the sixth time in a row, winning 436-444 against the Washington Eagles on May 11. The team faced difficult weather throughout the generic cialis canada competition. It was windy, the...

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Illustration by Emily Teng

June 17, 2015

Avoid voluntourism: How service trips can make a difference

An American high school student stands in front of a crowd of unfamiliar, foreign faces. He begins to feel a bit anxious as he scans the room of students thousands of miles away from his home. Today, this American student is...

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June 2, 2015

The “picture perfect” high school experience

  When I was young, I always watched cliche high school movies like Bring It On and High School Musical, in which the main characters discovered their true identities in high school and lived the rest of their lives appreciative...

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