Cartwheels, pyramids, herkies: Cheerleading is a sport
“L, H, S!” the cheerleaders shout from the sidelines. From football and basketball games to spirit rallies, cheerleaders perform their herkies, a jump with one leg bent and the other straight, and stunts.
Finding Equity, Part 3: Why we must promote cultural sensitivity and diversity among students
“The only question I have for you all today is this: why did it take this long?” The inquiry rings out from junior Tsia Nicole, president of Lowell’s Black Student Union (BSU). She’s accusing the administration’s efforts to address the discrimination faced by the school’s African-American students as being long overdue.
Dear Patriarchy: Don’t tell me to wear a bra
Parli debate wins state champs, senior president leaves on high note
This year, one Lowell Parliamentary debate team won the annual California Speech Association state tournament at Mission College in Santa Clara from April 15-17.
National award-winning author and professor opens students’ eyes to African-American history and literature
“I believed that African-American lives had not been adequately described or authenticated in books or films, and I wanted to use the tool of biography to go at least a little way toward remedying the situation.”
The birds and the bees: Science classes get busy revamping garden
The garden is buzzing with activity, as the science department works to bring more bees in, extend the chicken coop and install a working irrigation system.
TO THE EDITOR: Former student encourages better mental health support at Lowell
Let me preface by saying that I transferred out of Lowell last October due to mental illness. For those of you that are curious, yes it’s depression.
Lowell Dragon Boat dominates in the California Dragon Boat Association’s 2016 Youth Race
Finishing the season strong, the dragon boat team swept the competition at the 2016 California Dragon Boat Association’s Youth Race on April 23 at Lake Merced, winning multiple division championships.
Fencing comes away with the AAA title and the Visconti trophy
Last season, the fencing team lost their five-year hold on the Visconti overall team trophy. This year coming into All-City on the morning of April 16, the Cardinals set out a goal to reclaim the title. Turning their goal into reality, the Cards walked away with the Visconti trophy and the Academic Athletic Association title.
JV baseball claims its fifth AAA championship title
The JV baseball team continues to show its dominance as the best up-and-coming young baseball team with its fifth consecutive victory in the Academic Athletic Association championship.

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featured dowaliby

May 26, 2016

Un-rapped: How this sub lays down life lessons with lyrics

To any Lowell student who knows the struggle of nodding off during a monotonous class, an engaging, friendly substitute teacher is just the fix. A student who has had a class led by George Dowaliby will probably recognize this rap,...

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September 28, 2016

Girls’ golf team swings season in its favor with win over Marshall

The varsity girls’ golf team defeated the Marshall Phoenixes 199-231 on Sept. 23, extending its regular season streak to 5-0. Senior Jocelyn Chu made an unexpected putt from far away and sophomore Stephanie Sunga made a par....

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May 13, 2016

I’m here and I’m queer but I’m more than some label

I picked up my first Harry Potter book in kindergarten, enraptured by the young wizard and his cupboard under the stairs. Naturally, the only appropriate place to read a tale like that is in a cupboard under the stairs, but as my home...

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Guys and Dolls: Didn't get enough?

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