Manhunt for suspected gunman after police officer shot near Lakeshore disrupts area, causing students and staff at school after-hours to take shelter
Police officers led a manhunt for a suspected cop shooter through the Sunset and Parkside districts and into Stern Grove on Friday evening, calling for a shelter-in-place in the neighborhood.
BREAKING NEWS: Body found in Stonestown parking lot; investigation ongoing
Between 1:35-1:40 p.m., assistant principal Holly Giles made an announcement telling students not to go to Stonestown Mall through Rolph Nichols Playground because it is blocked off and police officers and an ambulance were present.
JV girls’ volleyball team crushes Burton Pumas in latest win
The JV girls’ volleyball team defeated the Burton Pumas 2-0 on Sept. 30. Throughout the whole game, the Cardinals were in complete control, leading by wide margins in both sets with scores of 25-5 and 25-9.
Girls’ golf team swings season in its favor with win over Marshall
The varsity girls’ golf team defeated the Marshall Phoenixes 199-231 on Sept. 23, extending its regular season streak to 5-0.
Cartwheels, pyramids, herkies: Cheerleading is a sport
“L, H, S!” the cheerleaders shout from the sidelines. From football and basketball games to spirit rallies, cheerleaders perform their herkies, a jump with one leg bent and the other straight, and stunts.
Finding Equity, Part 3: Why we must promote cultural sensitivity and diversity among students
“The only question I have for you all today is this: why did it take this long?” The inquiry rings out from junior Tsia Nicole, president of Lowell’s Black Student Union (BSU). She’s accusing the administration’s efforts to address the discrimination faced by the school’s African-American students as being long overdue.
Dear Patriarchy: Don’t tell me to wear a bra

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October 15, 2016

Manhunt for suspected gunman after police officer shot near Lakeshore disrupts area, causing students...

Streets remain blocked off in area where #SFPD officer was shot. Officer is expected to survive. Flash-bang used to help neutralize suspect. — Heather Holmes (@HeatherKTVU) October 15, 2016 Police officers...

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October 13, 2016

Varsity football team starts slow in first regular season games

The varsity football team dropped its last two games against the Burton Pumas and Galileo Lions on Sept. 30 and Oct. 7, respectively. The Cards lost the game against the Pumas 30-14 and the Lions 42-8. In the game against the Pumas,...

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May 13, 2016

I’m here and I’m queer but I’m more than some label

I picked up my first Harry Potter book in kindergarten, enraptured by the young wizard and his cupboard under the stairs. Naturally, the only appropriate place to read a tale like that is in a cupboard under the stairs, but as my home...

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Guys and Dolls: Didn't get enough?

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