Vars football soars past Eagles 49–27 in Battle of the Birds

Originally published on October 15, 2015

On Oct. 9, the varsity football team conquered its rival team, the Washington Eagles, 49–27. Senior wingback Andrew Huang outruns the Eagles’ defenders and scores a touchdown during the Battle of the Birds game on Oct. 9. GIF by Aida Irving

Despite a rocky start, the varsity football team flew away with a 49–27 victory against the Washington Eagles on Friday night at home, making their season record 1–1.

The Cards started the game slow, giving the first touchdown to the Eagles. However, the team’s defensive line stepped up and stopped the Eagles’ offense from scoring more touchdowns in the first half. The Cardinals were able to pull things together offensively in the second quarter with a quick touchdown at the start of the second. Senior quarterback and defensive back Andrew Chiang scored a touchdown at the end of the first half, giving the Cards a 22–7 lead.

The victory marks the Cardinals’ first win of the season. Senior quarterback Andrew Chiang successfully drives down the field after junior linebacker Harrison Linder tackles an Eagle defender. Photo by Leonard Caoili

The tempo of the second half was much quicker than the first. Junior fullback and defensive lineman Mace Gouldsby kick-started the Cardinal offense with a touchdown at the start of the second half. The Eagles fought back and scored three more touchdowns, but it was not enough to defeat the Cardinals, who scored a total of four touchdowns in the second half. The 49–27 win over the Eagles gave the team their first win of the season.

The Cardinals truly did run away with the game when it came to their offense. The Cardinals would easily advance ten yards or more before their four downs. Their re-implementation of the double-wing offense worked well against the Eagles as many touchdowns were scored by having a player run the ball down the field.

The Cardinals and Eagles line up for the snap in the Battle of the Birds game on Oct. 9. Photo by Leonard Caoili

Overall, the Cardinals played good defense against the Eagles. They were able to stop most of the plays the Eagles threw at them with their “eleven-man on the ball” defense. Players would swarm the ball with everything they have got and everyone would finish at the ball carrier. “If the player with the football is a light bulb and the players are the hands, you would surround it with your hands to make sure no light gets out,” Gouldsby said.

However there were times where the Eagles offense broke free from the defensive line leading to touchdowns. The team is ready to work hard in practice to make the necessary adjustments. “We’ve got to keep working, it takes time right but time is the only thing we’ve got right now.” Chiang said.

Hoping to carry Friday’s momentum into their next match, the Cardinals next game will be on Oct. 17 at 2 p.m. against the Lincoln Mustangs on their home field.

Senior wingback Andrew Huang breaks through and pulls away from an Eagle defender on Oct. 9. Photo by Leonard Caoili