LISTEN: It takes two to tango at Jazz Pops 2017

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By Leonard Caoili, Jennifer Cheung, Rain Hu, Jacky Huang, Tobi Kawanami and Ciara Kosai

Orchestra teacher Michele Winter leads the Lowell Symphony Strings. Photo by Jacky Huang

This year’s Jazz Pops concert on Friday, Jan. 20, organized by band teacher Mitchell Wagner, featured special performances by Orchestra teacher Michele Winter, ballroom dancers, and jazz band members themselves.

Senior Sebastian Lowe and partner Anastasia Zatseyva dance the night away. Photo by Ciara Kosai

Senior Miko Krajewski plays guitar. Photo by Tobi Kawanami
Alumni Mason Hawksley waits backstage. Photo by Ciara Kosai
Junior Liam Craddock and seniors Sophia Riley and Ruby Noto harmonize. Photo by Jennifer Cheung

Juniors Liam Craddock and Shealen Fairchild perform a guitar duet. Photo by Jacky Huang

Sophomore JJ McCarthy sings “Everyday People.” Photo by Ciara Kosai

Senior Lucinda Walstad performs in Lowell Symphony Strings. Photo by Ciara Kosai
Senior Sophia Riley performs a solo. Photo by Jennifer Cheung
Senior Sebastian Lowe and Anastasia Zatseyva dance to “Blue Tango” by Lowell Symphony Strings. GIF by Tobi Kawanami
Junior Rocco Costanzo plays the bongos. Photo by Tobi Kawanami

Jazz band members sing “Everyday People”. Photo by Tobi Kawanami