PHOTOS: Lowell dancers perform “On the Edge”

Originally published on April 29, 2015

(Center) Junior Laura Kennedy performs “Fingerprints” with the Lowell Dance Company during the annual dance concert on April 17 and 18. All photos by Zoe Kaiser
Dance Company performs “Reactions.”
Senior Arynn Kwan performs “Letting Go”, a dance she choreographed herself.
(left to right) Sophomore Katherine Skinner,juniors Madalena Seidman and Bonnie Wu from Advanced Dance perform “I Am Not a Robot.”
Dance Company member sophomore Rachel Wong performs “Soldier.”
Dance Company member sophomore Gina Liu performs “Reactions.”
Dance Company performs “Reactions.”
Dance Company members sophomores Madeline Perkins and Gina Liu perform “Sonder.”
Senior Arina Romanova performs “Last Dance.”
Dance Company performs “Get Low.”