PHOTOS: Theater students showcase mix of pieces from the year at Ohlone Night

Originally published on April 24, 2015

(left to right) Junior Boris Alguliev, senior Sophia Weiss, and senior Reyana Maguad in “The American Dream” at Ohlone Night on April 10, a show for theater students to perform pieces they presented at the Ohlone Theater Competition earlier in the year. Photo by Kenny Dzib
(left to right) Senior Adam Southwick and senior Lauren Finnegan in “The Actor’s Nightmare”. Photo by Kelley Grade
(left to right) Senior Kate Colebrook, junior Alyssa Poon, and senior Priya Sankar in “Spring Awakening”. Photo by Kelley Grade
In a shortened version of West Side Story, which the drama department preformed as the Spring musical, the Puerto Rican women, led by junior Alyssa Poon and sophomore Katherine Skinner, dance in the song “America.” Photo by Kenny Dzib
Sophomore Ella Baker preforms a monologue, “Sylvia”, in which she is a dog, speaking to the owner who has abandoned her. Photo by Kenny Dzib
Senior Daniel Zander plays a messenger from the Greeks in “Trojan Women.” Behind him, the Trojan women mourn the loss of their freedom and family. Photo by Zoe Kaiser
Senior Avery Chung-Melino plays a girl accused of demonic possession in ”The Crucible.” Photo by Zoe Kaiser
The Jets sing “Officer Krupke” from the spring musical West Side Story. Photo by Kelley Grade
In “The Airport Play”, junior Akeylah Hernandez is horrified by the presumption of her companion, played by senior Rajan Dumbhalia. Photo by Zoe Kaiser
Seniors Adam Southwick and Jackson Murphy in “House of Desires”. Photo by Zoe Kaiser