PHOTOS: Spring Rally 2015

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Originally published on March 26, 2015

Sara Dean, the Student Activities Director, pumps up the crowd. Photo by Aida Irving
Senior Jason Tan performs for Drum Corps. Photo by Aida Irving
Senior Soren Carpenter leads the efforts of the Senior team in tug-of-war. Photo by Aida Irving
(Left to right) Counselor Adrienne Smith, teachers Richard Girling and Susan Lin, Sophomores Christian Guinto and Edwin Sierra, and teacher Adam Michaels tug for the Sophomore team. Photo by Aida Irving
Junior Hilina Kelati performs for Lowell Song. Photo by Aida Irving
Senior Arina Romanova performs for Lowell dance company. Photo by Zoe Kaiser
Juniors (left to right) Hina Iwata, Kelley Leong, Kate Brookner, Fiona Zhong. Photo by Zoe Kaiser
Social studies teacher Sara Dean throws her last hoorah! Photo by Zoe Kaiser