Dancers warm audience’s hearts in Winter Showcase

By Jennifer Cheung, Shyla Duong, Tobi Kawanami, Ciara Kosai

Advanced Dance performs “Rain and Sun.” Photo by Ciara Kosai

The Lowell Dance Company and the beginning, intermediate and advanced dance classes filled the Carol Channing Auditorium with warmth and grace in their performances at the annual Winter Dance Showcase on Dec. 8.

Senior Alayna Kwan in “Stand By Me.” Photo by Ciara Kosai
Dancers strike a pose at the end of “Rally.” Photo by Tobi Kawanami
Beginning dance performs “Glorious.” Photo by Ciara Kosai
Dance Company performs “Stand By Me.” GIF by Jennifer Cheung
Advanced dance performs “Rain and Sun.” Photo by Ciara Kosai
Advanced Dance performs “What About Us.” GIF by Shyla Duong
Senior Adele Uchiyama-Cadorette in “Exhausted Strength.” Photo by Ciara Kosai