Lowell journalism wins awards from National Scholastic Press Association 2017

Congratulations to student journalists from The Lowell who won individual awards at this fall’s National Scholastic Press Association convention in Houston, Texas.

2017 News Story of the Year, Third Place:

“Inside Inclusion: A closer look at Lowell’s Special Education program

By Aaron Nguyen

Lilee Consoer sits at her desk in the SDC classroom. Photo by Leonard Caoili

2017 Multimedia News Story of the Year, Fourth Place:

“Hundreds of students stage walkout and march to City Hall to protest Trump

By Kelley Grade, Kenny Dzib, Zahra Rothschild, Ella Murdock Gardner

2017 Multimedia Feature Story of the Year, Honorable Mention:

“Beyond the myth: Asian-Americans challenging stereotypes of the model minority

By Sofia Woo, Tobi Kawanami, Ciara Kosai

Then-senior Crizalyn Dela Rosa, then-junior Yun Liu and then-senior Quang Truong challenge stereotypes of the model minority myth. Photo by Tobi Kawanami

2017 Multimedia Sports Story of the Year, Honorable Mention:

“Vars boys’ basketball team soars past Washington Eagles in BOTB

By Leonard Caoili, Christopher Hackett, Tobi Kawanami, Ciara Kosai, Emily Sobelman

2017 Editorial Cartoon of the Year, Honorable Mention:

“How to get that internship

By Hannah Cosselmon

Illustration by Hannah Cosselmon

2017 Design of the Year: Illustration, Honorable Mention:

Illustration by Hannah Cosselmon for “My mother has breast cancer. How love, support, and awareness help me cope

Illustration by Hannah Cosselmon