They shoot, they score! Vars girls’ basketball beats the Eagles 48–34

The varsity girls basketball team faces off against the Eagles at the annual Battle of the Birds on Jan. 12. Photo by Ciara Kosai

The varsity girls’ basketball team defeated the Washington Eagles 48–34 on Jan. 12 at Kezar Stadium. In Division 1 of the Academic Athletic Association, they currently tie for first place 1–0 with the Lincoln Mustangs and Balboa Buccaneers.

In the first half of the quarter, Junior guard Katelyn Lee scored 7 points for the Cardinals. She finished the period with a three-pointer, giving the Cardinals a 13–2 lead.

Senior forward and center Nomin Rinchin shoots a free throw during the fourth quarter. Photo by Shyla Duong

Despite the Cardinal’s initial lead, the Eagles began to close the gap. The Cards were able to counteract with multiple turnovers and constant possession of the ball. Junior guard Crystal Luu and Lee shot two consecutive three-pointers within a 20 second interval, maintaining their dominant 21–7 lead.

Starting the third quarter with senior forward Nomin Rinchin’s double free throw, the Cardinals kept their lead. With 30 seconds remaining, the team finished off with a three-point play by Luu, gaining a 10-point lead.

“Washington had a run in the second half and it kind of worried us but we got back from that and squashed them in the fourth quarter.”

Swishing two two-pointers within the first minute, the Cardinals started off strong. Continuing their momentum, junior guard Alyson Lee’s scored four points from her two-pointer and double free throw. The Cardinals grabbed more single points from numerous free throws throughout fourth. With ten seconds remaining, Luu’s two-pointer finished off the game with the Cardinals in the lead 48–34. “Washington had a run in the second half and it kind of worried us but we got back from that and squashed them in the fourth quarter,” junior guard Lauren Chan said.


The team thought that they were able to play strongly throughout the four quarters, according to Chan. Prior to the event, the Cardinals made defense and transitioning their primary focus during practices, with scrimmages and scenarios. “We knew that they were going to give us a hard game and the game was pretty tough but we earned it,” Chan said.

The Cards will face off against the Burton Pumas in a home game on Jan. 23 at 5:30 p.m.