PHOTOS: Jazz Pops 2018

Hannah Ferguson

Senior Liam Craddock jams on the electric guitar. Photo by Ciara Kosai.

O n Friday, Jan. 26, Lowell had its annual Jazz Pops concert at the Carol Channing Theater. At the show, the student jazz band and the symphonic orchestra came together to create a diverse and engaging set. There were also performances of songs such as, Mr. Brightside by The Killers, Karma Police by Radiohead anc Feeling Good by Nina Simone from special guest student musicians.

Seniors Rocco Costanzo, Shealen Fairchild, and Liam Craddock performing “Karma Police” by Radiohead. Photo by Tobi Kawanami.
Lowell Orchestra performs. Photo by Tobi Kawanami.
Musicians in the Jazz Band horn section perform. Photo by Tobi Kawanami.
Senior Rocco Costanzo playing the drums. Photo by Ciara Kosai.