Swim teams outpace rival school the Washington Eagles

Originally published on May 31, 2016

Photo by Aida Irving

The swim team won big at the Academic Athletic Association (AAA) Championship meet on April 23, with the varsity boys’, varsity girls’ and JV girls’ teams coming out on top. In addition, JV girls and girls’ varsity teams took home trophies for ranking first in the season.

The varsity boys’ team won first with 184 points, Washington won second with 177 points, and Lincoln won third with 44 points. For the varsity girls, they won first with 214 points, Lincoln won second with 73 points, and Washington won third with 64 points.

Photo by Aida Irving

The JV boys lost first place to Galileo by a small margin, with Galileo scoring 114 points for first, Lowell scoring 108 points for second, and Balboa scoring 85 points for third. Finally, JV girls won first place with 151 points, Washington won second with 98 points, and Lincoln won third with 83 points.

Overall in the season, both JV girls’ and varsity girls’ teams ranked first with a 6–0 season record.

Photo by Chris Hackett

Vo praised the freshman swimmers, who showed great improvement over the season. “They came out ‘raw,’ if you will,” Vo said. “[The freshmen] even made finals today and scored some points for our team, which was very tremendous.”

Now that the season has closed with an exciting finish, Vo has high expectations for the next season. “We’re hoping that everybody comes back — we had a strong freshmen class joining us, and we hope to carry on the tradition,” Vo said.

Photo by Ciara Kosai