Road to champs: Varsity baseball boils down O’Connell 7–3

Originally published on April 28, 2016

Junior infielder and pitcher EJ Whorton slides into second base during the game against the John O’Connell Boilermakers on April 26. Photo by Leonard Caoili

The varsity baseball team continues to ramp up the intensity on the field in order to qualify for the Academic Athletic Association’s championship game — its fourth year in a row. The Cardinals ignited the field on April 26 as they emerged victorious 7–3 against the John O’Connell Boilermakers.

In the first inning, the Cardinals hustled on offense to catch up to the Boilermakers’ two point lead. Senior infielder and pitcher Matthew Schivo safely reached first base due to error by the O’Connell catcher and continued on to second base off a balk. Sophomore catcher Owen Mahoney struck the ball and made it to first as Schivo reached home base, putting the Cards on the board. The boys closed the inning 2–1.

Although the Cards were eager to gain a lead on the Boilermakers, neither side scored a single run.

Junior infielder and pitcher Adam Gardi catches a fly ball in the game against John O’Connell on April 26. Photo by Leonard Caoili

In the fourth, the Cardinals left the Boilermakers steaming as they tied up the game 2–2. Senior offense and catcher Daniel Wong struck the ball and reached second base and walked to third base. Junior infielder and pitcher Adam Gardi bunted the ball and made it to first as Wong stole home, earning a run.

At the top of the fifth, senior infielder and pitcher Mathew Sam advanced to first base after getting hit by a pitch. After Schivo’s sacrifice hit, Sam made it to second and then continued to third off a walk. Junior infielder and pitcher EJ Whorton’s allowed offense and pitcher Joe Solomon to steal second base as Schivo made it home and scored a run. Later, Whorton stole 2nd base as Solomon reached home due to error by an O’Connell left fielder. The inning finished with the Cards up 4–2.

Junior infielder and Brennen Greedy pitches in a game against the John O’Connell. Photo by Leonard Caoili

The game’s momentum leaned towards the Cardinals as they furthered their lead scoring three runs during the sixth. Gardi walked to first base and advanced to second when junior first baseman Kyle Ruan bunted the ball. Gardi and Ruan advanced an additional base, off of senior first baseman, catcher and pitcher, Leffert Lefferts III’s sacrifice bunt. Senior offense and pitcher Anderson Giang batted to first base, and both Ruan and Gardi made it home, scoring two runs. Sam got a walk as Giang squeezed to second. Off of Schivo’s sacrifice fly, Giang continued a risky play with a go ahead suicide squeeze to home, furthering Lowell’s lead. Although the Boilermakers managed to score a run, it was not enough to stop the Cards and the game ended 7–3.

The Cardinals have brought home gold for three consecutives years and are eyeing their fourth. The team currently stands at third place in the league with a record of 6–6. In order to qualify for this season’s championship, they need to win today’s game against the current second place team, the Galileo Lions, at Moscone Hennessey Diamond. “From day one, these guys have embraced the work needed and that’s 90 percent of the battle,” head coach Daryl Semein said. “I feel that we are still the best team in the city until someone takes it from us.”