Varsity girls’ volleyball conquers the Eagles 3–0

Junior middle blocker Betsy Li blocks the volleyball during the game against the Washington Eagles on Sept. 15. Photo by Anita Liu

The varsity girls’ volleyball team gained a victory of 3–0 over the Washington Eagles on Sept. 15. Lowell’s gymnasium was full of people as it was the long-awaited match of the Battle of the Birds.

Throughout the first set, the Cardinals showed their dominance on the court. Junior outside hitter Eunice Go, in cooperation with junior middle blocker Betsy Li, built a strong defense in the backcourt. However, near the end of the set, the Eagles regained their control of the court through a series of unpredictable spikes. As the score between both teams narrowed, tension grew on the court. Nonetheless, when senior libero Karlee Chang saved a hard-driven spike from across the net, the Cardinals were able to reclaim their command on the court. They continued to dominate as they successfully saved several spikes from their opponents, securing the first set 25–16.

Senior libero and defensive specialist Karlee Chang prepares to spike the ball. Photo by Christina Johnson

The victory drove the Cardinals’ morale to a new climax. As the second set started, a familiar tension from the first set was felt on the court again as both sides were involved in another strained rally. The Cardinals started off at a moderate momentum with a few off-speed hits, but the momentum increased when senior right-side hitter Jane Seslar fired off with a powerful cut shot. Although the Cardinals succeeded in attacking their opponents, they were not yet confident of victory. Senior right-side hitter Elise Ng and senior middle blocker Kaitlyn Chou played prominent roles in defending the Eagles’ aggressive line shot with their defensive block. Both sides were anxious as they dove, rolled, and dug to save each attack until the Cardinals finished their set with a triumphant 25–10.


In the following set, the Cardinals maintained their momentum. Starting off with a float serve, which has an inconsistent trajectory, junior setter Sinead Beaupain caught the Eagles unaware. During the middle of the set, the Cardinals fell behind by two points when they failed to defend against a series of corner hits. Learning from this, the Cardinals immediately chased after a recovery. The second setter, senior Kayla Rivera, served with precise aim at the Eagles’ blind spot and gained two points, giving the Cardinals the lead. There after, the Cardinals were able to persistently and successfully attack the Eagles’ weak points, ending the set with a victorious 25–16.

The Cards congratulate their opponents after winning the game 3–0. Photo by Christina Johnson

The Cardinals defeated the Balboa Buccaneers 3–0 on Sept. 19. The team also gained victory over the Wallenberg Bulldogs 3–1 on Sept. 22. The next game will be against the Burton Pumas 5:15 p.m. tomorrow at Lowell.