PHOTOS: Students get spirited at the 2017 Spring Rally

Lowell Drum Corps kicks off the rally with a beat. Photo by Esther Posillico
Senior dance committee begins their performance with Alvan Cai jumping over Nicholas Chu. Photo by Jennifer Cheung
Sophomore Steven Gong nails the splits. GIF by Tobi Kawanami
Senior dance committee performs in front of the crowd, doing the infamous dab. Photo by Jennifer Cheung
Seniors drag the freshmen in a game of the tug-of-war. Photo by Esther Posillico
Lowell cheerleaders hold up flier junior Alisha Tam. Photo by Jennifer Cheung
Senior Letter performs their routine. GIF by Tobi Kawanami
Sophomore dance committee throws their hands in the air as part of their routine. Photo by Esther Posillico
Dance Company performs their routine. GIF by Jennifer Cheung
Lowell Song performs their traditional high kicks. Photo by Tobi Kawanami