SPORTS COLUMN: Minor leagues bring baseball home (4/06)

on Apr 28, 06 • by Gaston Guibert

Minor league parks also supply their fans with simple yet fantastic entertainment
between innings. To mention a few, I’ve seen ballplayers and fans throw baseballs
at rundown old cars driven on to the field, small, uncoordinated children race the mascot around the bases, and fans chip golf balls from the stands onto a makeshift putting green in centerfield, all for cash prizes. If someone started smacking golf balls onto the field at AT&T park, they would find themselves in handcuffs faster than you can say “slimerino.”

These games offer a homey feeling that the major leagues could never match. Small town games are all about the game at its finest. The players are on the field because they still love the game, not to collect
a paycheck. Fans don’t do “the wave” when the winning run is on third base with two outs in the 9th inning. You’re so close to the action that you can hear the players’ chatter.

If you’re the type of person who loves to be a step ahead of your friends, minor league baseball is just the thing for you. Every
major leaguer was at one point a minor leaguer. In following the minors, you will know who the big stars of tomorrow are well before some of your most die-hard baseball buddies.

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