Boys’ varsity basketball ends conditioning (11/05)

on Nov 17, 05 • by Glenn Mercado

But, the two-week conditioning paid off for all the players. “At the end of the last day I felt like I was in great shape,” shooting guard Jordan Wong said. However, others players felt the conditioning did not prepare them for the stop and go action of basketball. “I felt like I was in track shape more than basketball shape,” Wong said.

The team expects to play in the championship game again this year and take the All-City title. The players are confident in their capabilities and know that they will be successful. “ All the other teams in the league are playing for second place, because we will win the championships, I guarantee it,” point guard Spencer Wan said. However, Ray wants the team to take things one-step at a time, concentrating on winning their conference to receive home-court advantage in the playoffs.

The road to the championship won’t be an easy ride. This year the league saw an increase in competitive teams that have a chance to win the title. Galileo, Wallenberg, ISA and Lincoln are all well-balanced teams that could pose a threat to Lowell’s third consecutive trip to the AAA championship game.

This season coach Ray plans on changing his game plan for the year. “In the past I played six or seven guys a game, but this year I plan on playing most if not all the players every game,” Ray said. With the speed and athleticism on the squad, expect to see an up-tempo game with the Cardinals flying up and down the court on offense and defense.

Preseason consists mainly of three tournaments at Reno, Half Moon Bay and Jefferson. The first preseason game is at Lowell against University at 5:30 p.m.

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