Lady Cards softball: Eighth shutout of the season against the Lions

Senior pitcher Kelly Lai stares down the batter as she winds up her arm to pitch the ball in a shutout game against the Galileo Lions on May 10 at West Sunset. Photo by Christina Johnson

Continuing their season-long winning streak, the varsity softball team defeated the Galileo Lions 19–0 on May 1 at West Sunset.

During the first inning, senior pitcher Kelly Lai made quick work of Galileo’s offense, providing the Cardinals with a 0–0 game as they stepped up to the plate. Within the first five minutes, Lowell took a 3–0 lead, which grew to 9–0 throughout the inning by way of aggressive hitting and multiple errors by the opposing outfielders. The first inning came to a close as junior shortstop and second basemen Eunice Go batted a strong hit to centerfield, sending junior catcher Ella Gibson, Lai, and Go all the way home. The score now standing at 12–0, the Cardinals had a solid start to their 8th shutout game of the season.

Junior shortstop and second basemen Eunice Go swings the bat as the defense stands by. Photo by Christina Johnson

As the second inning began, it seemed as though Galileo was gaining momentum when their first batter hit a single due to a dropped ball. Lai quickly regrouped, striking out the next two hitters as the rest of the team cheered her on, yelling “Let’s go 26, let’s go Lowell!” The second inning continued with junior third baseman Emily Jiang fouling the ball until she was eventually walked. Then senior outfielder Rosalie Zip batted a strong hit down centerfield through a gap in the Lions’ defense. Jiang and Zip stole to third and second base, respectively, and were promptly sent home by a hit into far right field by senior outfielder, shortstop and second baseman Makaena Gee. The Cardinals continued on a hitting streak of multiple RBIs, ending the inning with a score of 19–0.

Junior third basemen Emily Jiang runs home as the Lion outfiielders chase the ball in the background. Photo by Christina Johnson

In order to secure the win and end the game early, Lowell simply had to keep Galileo from scoring over three hits in the third inning, due to the high school softball mercy rule. Lai took to the mound once more and threw a string of fastballs, striking out Galileo’s first two hitters. The third hitter made contact and knocked the ball towards Lai, who deftly caught it in her glove and ended the game.

The Cardinals are heading into the second round of playoffs as the first place seed. They will be playing at Lang Field at 3:30 p.m. on May 10 against the Washington Eagles.